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Perry Family Chiropractic, Lansdale Chiropractor

Thank you very much to all of our wonderful patients. Our clinic is truly blessed to have such an amazing patient family. It is an honor to serve you with the art, gift, and quality health care that is chiropractic.

 ~ The Perry Health Team

"About 5 years ago, I started experiencing a lot of neck pain from being hunched over a laptop for a few long days on a work assignment. The pain just wouldn’t go away no matter how much I rested or took meds. My best friend suggested that I try her chiropractor but I was very skeptical. I was really worried about someone twisting my neck or cracking my back…..until I learned more. I went for a consultation with Dr. Perry who took an overall health evaluation, X-rays, and explained to me about how the curvature of your spine and neck are really important to your overall health. I was still a little skeptical about the actual adjustment and how it would feel or if I would get hurt. Dr. Perry immediately made me feel comfortable and safe after my first adjustment. I continued with regular chiropractic adjustments as well as curve restoration for my neck. Over time, I realized that regular chiropractic adjustments were helping me feel healthier and I was not getting sick (sinus colds, etc) as often. I just turned 50 and I have never felt better. Dr. Perry has taught me a lot about how beneficial chiropractic care is and I am very confident in his techniques. He always takes enough time to answer questions and discuss any concerns I have."

– Jill L.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Perry’s for over 7 years whether I received treatment for lower back muscle spasms, shoulder pain after car accident, upper back pain etc. Dr. Perry takes the time to explain the pros & cons of your injury and the proper solution for your injury and what you need to do to maintain a healthier lifestyle. He believes in preventative and holistic care. He believes exercise, diet and adjustments are important to maintain a very healthy lifestyle. IT WORKS! He has advised me of a new healthier eating plan to reduce weight and become healthier. I am able to stick with the plan because it’s attainable. The Maximum Living program is realistic and works. Dr. Perry is more than our family chiropractor. He’s our doctor who cares about our health and well-being. Four years ago I lost my hearing. Dr. Perry took the time to show me how I lost my hearing. He is a true professional & I’m glad to say he is my doctor."

– K. A.

"Diagnosed with hypothyroidism April 2014 after menstrual cycle not determining pregnancy but rather hormonal imbalance. Was prescribed Levothyroxine for 8 months, 4 months. in, diluted dose from 100mg to 88mg. Introduced to Joseph 6 months later…Skeptical of practices, questioned knowledge of thyroid condition after learning about blood pressure and other health obscurities. Dr. Perry ensured nerve damage, and suggested x-ray and determined poor figurative posture just by a personable glance. X-ray determined neck was abnormally pushed forward, out of rank of habitual posture, determining a pinched nerve from spine directly to thyroid gland. Patient personally decided against Levothyroxine and continued with spinal adjustments. While out of practice, symptoms of headaches, mood swings, weight gain, and fatigue crept upon, adjustments were reestablished and symptoms deterred."

– B. D.

"Family recommended Dr. Joseph Perry. Skeptical of primary physician due to distribution of unnecessary prescriptions. No prior prescriptive drugs needed. Perry recommended weekly adjustments and x-ray. Found pinched nerve in upper region of spine and forward tilt of spinal cord in the neck. Also noticed twisting of hips. After 6mos-year of adjustments, hips were working towards leveled position and neck was curved to charted expectation.

Fast-forward to 2016; Pain in upper region in right knee and right foot along with undisclosed swelling. After 30 days of weekly adjustment pain subsided and posture was restored."

– M. B.

"My husband injured his back and started seeing Dr. Perry for treatment in February 2011. I met Dr. Perry during his information session that all patients are encouraged to attend. I was so impressed with Dr. Perry and his office that now our entire family is seeing him on a regular basis. Dr. Joe is excellent with kids. He is genuinely concerned about their health and well being. My oldest son, age 13, has a rare blood disease called Evans Syndrome and a diagnosis of PDD-NOS (autism). We have seen improvements in Matthew’s blood counts and improvements in school since Dr. Perry has been working with him, which has only been 2 months. Dr. Joe has given us hope when we thought that there was none. My son, age 8, plays sports and has benefited from seeing Dr. Joe for his overall health and well being. My son’s and I also suffered from allergies. Our allergies have not bothered us nearly as much this season. My husband and I feel so much better since being treated by Dr. Joe and we are definitely on the right road to health and wellness all with the help and expertise of Dr. Joe. I would highly recommend Dr. Joe. He is the best!"

– K. K.

"Coming to Dr. Perry’s office is a treat for my 4 children. They fight over whom is going to be the first adjusted. My children ages are twins 2 and 7 years old (who has type one diabetes) and my 10-year-old. All girls. Dr. Perry is very good with my children. He is easy going, funny and knows how to talk to them. My daughter whose has type 1 diabetes, is the reason we started coming to see Dr. Perry. After just 3 weeks we saw tremendous positive changes with her sugar and insulin levels. Her body started to heal itself. At that point my husband and I decided to have the entire family under his care. My 2-year-old daughters no longer have constipation/diarrhea issues. My 10-year-old is sleeping much better and can breathe more easily. I no longer have low back pain. I have more energy, flexibility; I sleep better and feel younger. Dr. Perry spends the time with us and the one thing he does do, he listens and wants to know all about you, your issue and how to solve it. Dr. Perry is very big on educating his patients. He is very easy to talk to and always has time for us."

– E. L. and family

Breast Cancer Survivor.
"I met Dr. Perry at a health fair at work. The one thing everyone said about Dr. Perry was how he listened to us and cared. I am a breast cancer survivor. I met Dr. Perry after I had 9 surgeries in 10 months to remove the tumors. The tumors kept returning so I had to have more operation to remove them. Finally my oncologist said no more surgery for fear of bad side effects. So I had to find another way to fight this until my bodied healed from the surgeries. I went to see Dr. Perry for neck and low back pain. What Dr. Perry found and explained too my husband and I was how my nervous system was damaged and that was the cause to my low back and neck pain. He also, explained that my brain by way of my nervous system controlled my immune system. Your immune system not only fights off viruses and bacteria but it also kills all bad cells in our body (cancer cells). Dr. Perry showed me how damage to my nervous system does have a direct relation to how my immune system responds to fighting bacteria, viruses and cancer cells. Skeptic was I, you bet. However, I felt confident in Dr. Perry and my husband and I decided to start care. Within a couple of weeks my neck and low back pain reduce tremendously. I was finally able to sleep through the night and work without pain. It took a couple of more weeks before I was completely pain free. However, what I did start to notice was positive changes in my blood tests. I noticed having more energy and my stress levels did not affect me as much. Blood test after blood, improvement after improvement. My oncologist told me that not only was there no more tumor growth in size but there was no more to be detected. Still skeptic? You bet. However, I continued with Dr. Perry’s recommendation and stayed with care. At the end of all this, at the end of 15 months of care, I had another round of tests for my cancer to see if they would have to do more chemo and or surgery. The results were tumor free and cancer free. I have been cancer free for 6 months now and loving life like never before. Dr. Perry has helped me get through this horrible time in my life. I know that healing my nervous system played a huge part in healing me. I thank Dr. Perry for being at that health fair. My life may have turned out much different. My husband and son are all under care. My son no longer has asthma, allergies, headache and neck pain. My husband’s back pain went away. We all have more energy, flexibility, sleep better and feel younger. I tell everyone about my experience with Dr. Perry."

– K. A.

Low Back + Neck Pain.
"I started seeing Dr. Perry about 3 months ago for low back and neck pain. My pain was a 7 out of 10 and constant. I was missing days at work and spent a lot of time in bed. The first thing I noticed about Dr. Perry was how comfortable he made me feel. Dr. Perry was concerned about me, asked detailed questions and he listened to what I had to say. We did not leave the consultation until I had all my questions answered. Dr. Perry is very knowledgeable. He is and continues to be consistent and an excellent communicator. Before I started care Dr. Perry made sure I was educated on what was wrong and how to fix it. I never had a doctor spend as much quality time with me making sure I understood everything. My pain has reduced to 2 out of 10 and is only present once in a while. My posture is better and I noticed having better balance. I have been sleeping through the night and have not missed anymore work. I feel stronger, younger and have more stamina throughout my day. I was so happy with the results that my 10 year old daughter is now under care. She was having trouble sleeping, little energy and neck and low back pain. My daughter now sleeps through the night with no issues and has all the energy a 10 year old should. Her neck and low back pain are gone and Dr. Perry also made it financially affordable for us to be there. Dr. Perry is a wonderful person and caring doctor and I recommend him to everyone. Thank you for everything Doc!"

– S. H.

Meziere’s Disease.
"I started seeing Dr. Perry about 1 and half years ago. My wife recommended him to me. I was very skeptical because I was going to him for Meziere’s disease, which I was diagnosed with many years ago, and nothing was helping. My decision to stay and see what could be done was decided during the consultation. I felt very comfortable with Dr. Perry and he listened to what I had to say. Dr. Perry made sure my skepticism about chiropractic was addressed immediately before moving forward, and that I were comfortable. Dr. Perry is very knowledgeable and very big on education, making sure I understood what was wrong with me and how he could help. About 1 month after starting care, I noticed the ringing in my ears and my dizziness had reduced significantly. After three months of care, I have not had one episode of ringing or dizziness since. A year and a half later and I still go to him. Dr. Perry is an excellent doctor and a very caring person. It is wonderful to be able to function again."

– D. M.

Child with ADHD.
"I heard about Dr. Perry from a friend of mine. My son, age 5, had ADHD and I was not comfortable with him on the powerful psychological drugs recommended. My friend mentioned to me that chiropractors have been known to help children with ADHD so I decided to talk with Dr. Perry. The first thing Dr. Perry addressed with me was the concerns I had being a mother and having my child adjusted and how chiropractic could help him. He listened to me and answered every question I had. He made feel very comfortable so I decided to see if he could help my son. My son immediately connected with Dr. Perry. Dr. Perry was wonderful with him. He made my son laugh and knew how to talk to him to make him feel at ease. Dr. Perry sat down with my husband and me and explained in detail what was wrong and how he could help my son. After about a 1 month of care I noticed changes with my son’s behavior. He was no longer waking up in the middle of the night. He could sit at the table and do his homework for a much longer period of time and he was much more timid. We received emails and phone calls from his teacher saying how much he has changed and he was no longer known as the disrupter in school but a pleasure to have. Dr. Perry was also very knowledgeable about the proper nutrition to help balance the hormones in his body. After 4 months of care my son’s ADHD is under control and no longer do my husband or I lose sleep and worry about how is going to be in school or even at friends houses. Our stress levels have greatly reduced. Thank you Dr. Perry for given our son back to us."

– J. V

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