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Perry Family Chiropractic, Lansdale Chiropractor

Perry Family Chiropractic Serving Lansdale, PA, and the Surrounding Areas 

Is pain running your life? Is it stopping you from enjoying activities and living your best life? If so, then Perry Family Chiropractic in Lansdale, PA, can help.

When pain is robbing you of the enjoyment of things you once loved, selecting the best chiropractor shouldn’t be a burden. Our chiropractic techniques are centered around the overall health of our patients. That way, you’re ensured of receiving the exact chiropractic therapy you need to make a positive impact on your life. Our chiropractic company takes pride in helping our patients work towards restoring the lifestyle they deserve.

A Top-Rated Chiropractic Company in Lansdale, PA

Perry Family Chiropractic in Landsdale, PA, bases its success on having mutual respect, trust, and cooperative effort with each patient. Dr. Perry and his staff understand the many difficulties someone experiences when they struggle with daily pain and discomfort. It can be overwhelming, which is why Perry Family Chiropractic in Lansdale, PA, designs specific corrective approaches to patient lifestyles and ailments. With this treatment technique, Dr. Perry aims to provide individuals with clear and proven pathways to improved health and mobility.

You can rest assure that if you're accepted as a patient in our office, you will NOT be settling for temporary relief as Dr. Perry is known for their Specificity, Customized Care, and Long-Term Results!


Local Chiropractors That Care

We also understand how difficult it may be to find a chiropractor you can trust. Someone that uses their abilities to make an appreciable difference in your life. With over 14 years of experience treating thousands of patients, know that Dr. Perry and his team are here to help get the results you need to maintain your health.

Chiropractic Services

Chiropractic treatment should be a multi-faceted approach to your health.

The best chiropractic care should provide patients with:

Pain-Free Living​

The best chiropractic care targets the true causes of your pain, which, once addressed, lets you live pain-free.


Chiropractic treatment should give you back control, hope, and clarity so that you can achieve the outcomes you want.

Back to Health

Our wellness chiropractic methods will explain why you feel the way you do with clear, achievable steps to restore normal, healthy function to the whole body.

Change Your Life With Chiropractic Therapy

Our chiropractic therapy takes all aspects of your health into account. With comprehensive chiropractic services from Perry Family Chiropractic in Lansdale, PA, you’ll pave the way for greater success in getting the pain-free life you desire. Here’s how we’ll start building your health program:

Lansdale Chiropractor, Lansdale Chiropractic Clinic, Lansdale chiropractic

Call Today

Call to set up your NO COST, ZERO RISK consultation with our local chiropractors.

Lansdale Chiropractor, Lansdale Chiropractic Clinic, Lansdale chiropractic

Together, We Design Your Plan

Together, we design a custom chiropractic treatment approach for your lifestyle to get you back in the game!

Lansdale Chiropractor, Lansdale Chiropractic Clinic, Lansdale chiropractic

Accomplish Your Goals

Accomplish Your Goals

Professional Chiropractic Treatment Services in Lansdale, PA

Get your life back by scheduling your free consultation today. Don’t spend your days struggling with pain when you don’t have to! Enjoy your life again with Perry Family Chiropractic in Lansdale, PA. Dr. Perry is also a pediatric chiropractor and nutrition chiropractor. He leverages his expertise to help patients find migraine pain relief and overcome other chronic issues.

Contact One of the Best Chiropractors in the Area; Call Perry Family Chiropractic in Lansdale, PA, Today!

If you’ve been searching for a local chiropractor that takes a holistic approach to chiropractic therapy, contact our team today. Dr. Perry is proud to provide comprehensive healing services with his personalized approach to your chiropractic needs. Perry Family Chiropractic in Lansdale, PA, serves the communities of:

  • Kulpsville

  • North Wales

  • Gwynedd

  • Montgomeryville

  • Colmar

  • Spring House

  • Mainland

  • Cedars

  • Blue Bell

  • Ambler

  • Souderton

  • Chalfont

  • Doylestown

  • New Britain

  • Hatfield

  • Towamencin

  • Perkasie

  • Sellersville

  • Hilltown

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Call now and schedule your appointment. Let us help with your healing journey!



Perry Family Chiropractic

Dr. Joseph Perry


Perry Family Chiropractic

Stacy Cunningham

Office Manager

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Lansdale Chiropractor, Lansdale Chiropractic Clinic, Lansdale chiropractic

"Dr. Perry is an astonishing chiropractor in mending physical ailments, and his consideration has permitted me to confide throughout everyday life and my power. Most appreciative to have been led to his place of recuperating."

~ Thomas Scott

Massage and physical therapy


Lansdale Chiropractor, Lansdale Chiropractic Clinic, Lansdale chiropractic

"Dr. Perry is a miracle chiropractor! Now I can ride the 6 hours to see my daughter, pain free!! For years, I struggled with low back and neck discomfort from my. I now have physical full range of neck motion AND I do not have pain. I am so thankful for the help Dr. Joe Perry is providing!" 

~ Connie Nitschke

Massage and physical therapy
Lansdale Chiropractor, Lansdale Chiropractic Clinic, Lansdale chiropractic

"If you are looking to become free from conditions in your life holding you back, this is the place for you. Dr. Perry is an amazing chiropractor in physical healing, and his care has allowed me to trust in life and my power. Beyond grateful to have been led to his place of healing."

~ Nick Portolese

massage therapist


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